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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Watch transformer 3 dark the moon Online

As it is, greed Transformers weighs heavily on my 34 years in the heart. I'm not talking about nostalgia - empty days I have lived with other toys, I guess - all that deep, desperate foreigners want big, silly. I feel like its multifaceted mouth, his eyes bright, his muscles twisted steel inside and outside the movement - but usually in motion, directed with aplomb IQ of a collision by Michael Bay. I really do not care if Shia LaBeouf may or may not have obtained on the Megan Fox pants, or been expelled from the franchise model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is a bit more to me than the costume changes - move a propeller, incidental at best. I am excited by the arrival of John Malkovich and Frances McDormand in the papers pay with their lives.

Just give me some robots as soon as they arrive earlier in the Bay Church can not move to save the blockbuster of the summer of himself.

Yeah, right. Although usually tend to keep my prediction for me, it's worth noting that the third installment of the Transformers would be the only hope for this summer to really enjoy the film because of - not despite - the scourge of the cynical and expedient mode that Hollywood has fallen so in love. I mean, this is a full-length 3-D, a commercial paid for part of the toy manufacturer Hasbro, larded with the product placement, Slumming Oscar winners, and special teams hand in writing, which will make up to 12 years makes one shiver. It comes in a wave-steroidal anti-hype, waving a flag sci-fi/action just a week after the Web burst into discussions with the overuse of CGI. It has about $ 200 million budget (not including marketing expenses) exceed the gross domestic product of all but about forty nations around the world.

Indeed, in its business in excess Narnia: The Voyage of the Moon has much in common with its cousins ​​blockbuster spiritual bankruptcy. But it has two practical advantages: First, these robots (of course), which has evolved - the series of stupid, clever astonishing debut in 2007 with bloated, exhausting after 2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - to become stars in their own right. With Trilogy real economy, however, is its director.

Now, love, Michael Bay is not fashionable, and even justifiable in many cases - the projections of the criticism of the printed page, the refrain is heard an average of something like a bay hack! I can not say that everything comes from! Why do robots have to be cars? Can we be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley vibrator or something? Of course, we all need a sensory deprivation chamber below, and the pool boy could write a script better. But usually give the benefit of the Bay of doubt, if only because maybe (The Rock, Bad Boys both films) or worse (Pearl Harbor, The Island), go to compose the kind of images "" Never I saw a movie screen before.

And the only thing that keeps Transformers third in a preview of 3-D a few weeks ago and complete control over all the other night: No spoilers here, but I must say - I think Michael Bay. This is rap for refusing to compromise his vision for the good piling garbage in the 3-D supplement? It does not. If the array you spend all this money and drag the team out of the safety of the soundstage at the site of Chicago that would soon spray (and man, which is sprayed), so it would do well. Dark of the Moon is legitimate to look beautiful, scandalous logistically almost every step - type wingsuit monitor to begin with - and nothing less than success by a director who has lived in the shadow of myopia, for now a decade .

Of course, think of all this, you must believe that Michael Bay has a vision in the first place, which for me, the whole thing transformers is better than any of his other work. Here to change shape, high performance vehicles adapted with guns and the ability to generate or skillfully maneuver around the huge fire-ass. We have good forces are fighting against the forces of evil (the Bay of political point of view is known to bend to the right), with little room for the sort of Nancy-boy character ambiguities, we have recently seen afflictions hero blockbuster Spider-Man to Harry Potter and Batman to Thor. In LaBeouf, we have a man driving shamelessly charismatic enough to share the screen with an emotion, human-like the Camaro and Huntington-Whiteley - sometimes in the same scene!

Mainly, though, a man whose vision we missed his second attempt, and who is eager to reconcile. When the stupid fun of the first Transformers, and nihilistic, a crushing sense of further attacks, I have a feeling that Michael Bay has finally deal with what the spirit of these films comes from.

End result, most of all this? Summary Report of the Bay of ambition and arrogance could exceed Craven, the company's cash grab that motivate the Transformers series, in the first place. The money that Bay, Hasbro, and their two supporting studies to make the next month or two, is a very real argument to make (and I think that what I'm doing), the bay, which is the case, the dark of the moon is not about money. It does not pretend to be more sophisticated than you can get away, sat the X-Men: First Class. It is not fake funk, the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Stranger Tides. It is not letting the technology to win Saturday Green Lantern. Setting the standard for you to live in an age in which standards - a real, honest-to-God, Creative standards - are almost more expensive than their film.

Watch Transformers 3 Online Free

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon," a blockbuster scheduled this summer, made its debut at midnight in New York. Shia LaBeouf stars as Sam Witwicky again in the third installment of the franchise film is to give viewers a good dose of drama was robotic.

LaBeouf, in an interview thoughts on the film is known to have said. "I think it's the best movie we've done by far the best movie Michael Bay has ever published"

The actor, known for his roles in films like "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps", the latest Indiana Jones movie, said in an earlier interview that the Transformers 2 movie is not without mistakes and said he had no heart, but all. mistakes made in the film was necessary for filmmakers to learn and produce Transformers 3. said.

So far, critics of the film were cast there to answer the hype?

Find out what the latest tests were carried with the following statements:

As editor Paul Asay plugged thought after seeing revenge in 2009, it struck me that I sat through this piece of constant explosions (not to mention the blatant objectification Bay Carly, played by new art arrivals and former model Victoria Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Secret), which is what Hollywood thinks people want to see. And considering the billion and half dollars at the box office counting the first two films, this is probably not the last Transformers movie assaulting our senses and sensibilities. As Goodykoontz concluded, "technique Bay hammer works in a business sense. Executive Producer Steven Spielberg is the richest." Unfortunately, the public does not.

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In terms of food, "Dark of the Moon" is like going to TGI Friday and everything on the menu, then go to Krispy Kreme and do it again. It's worth doing, it will certainly make you sick and many of them tasteless, but as a minor act of Id-carrying performance is wonderful. - Andrew O'Hehir of judymoodyandhenotbummersummeronline.blogspot.com

B +. The incredible action, but clever plot below the lack of a decent villain. Cool 3-D effects, at times, but is not used effectively as Green Lantern or Kung Fu Panda 2.

While the first film is a little humanity in the relationship between [the protagonist] Sam and robots - particularly his car, Bumblebee - the feelings brushes aside as Optimus Prime drop traffic at peak times. The only thing that matters is the long, slow slog for all of Chicago theater-rattling finish that seems to last about four hours. - Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News

B. We currently have a story that takes seriously. We get the story, which makes the sign of number sense and shows something that is reminiscent of the discipline. And when the action arrives, delivers the goods. Eventually, Michael Bay gives us a robot is a healthy assist smackdowns robots. Problems with the previous two films are still there, but they are much easier to forgive, because we are at the end, what really has come in the film Transformers. - Scott Mendelson on HuffPost

Friday, July 1, 2011

Watch Transformers 3 Online Megavideo

Shia LaBeouf and mechanics, foreign troops are back with the launch of the new trailer for Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon.

Director Michael Bay is known for its heart stopping explosions on the screen, but the last act of this trilogy seems that the package is more than normal.

With the fate of the world in balance, the mood is more solemn and tense than in the previous film and each character seems to have been pushed to his or her limit. Shia LaBeouf is shown brandishing a gun, Tyrese Gibson says that everything is finished, and the biggest battle is perhaps the loss of Optimus Prime.

"You can lose your faith in us, but not in yourselves," said the first. "From there, the game will be yours."

The last real battle trying to be the case that the success of the summer, which is backed by a soundtrack of rock and not affected by the lack of Megan Fox model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley takes the role of eye candy on the screen quite well.

Well done, Mr. Bay. We have planned an action-packed movie, but the added suspense is killing us.

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